Kindle-ing Interest at Tower Heights Middle School

Kindle-ing Interest at Tower Heights Middle School



Winner:  2014 Project Grant

At Tower Heights Middle School, students with disabilities (about 60 students) are included in the general education classrooms. During ELA (English-Language Arts) block, students are often engaged in sustained silent reading for about 20 minutes daily. Many of our students struggle to find a book to read independently or are reluctant to read a book that looks too easy for their grade level in front of their peers.


On a Kindle, all books look the same – not too easy or too hard. Additionally, the features available when reading on a Kindle (adjustable fonts, line spacing, text-to-speech, built-in reference and dictionary, ability to add their own notes, highlights, and bookmarks) would increase independence and interest in our reluctant readers.

Features that help the special education student:

1. Ability to change text size
2. Quick dictionary feature
3. Ability to highlight and mark text
4. Text-to-speech feature

Although the previous features were mentioned for text book reading, these are features that would help a student in their daily independent reading of e-books or for assigned reading.


THMS Intervention Specialists
Mrs. Amy Ruggiero
Mrs. Nancy Beyland
Mrs. Pat Kinzig
Mrs. Karyn Posner
Ms. Brenda Miller


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