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Humble Beginnings

The Centerville school district has evolved from a rural school system into one of the most modern systems in Ohio. In the early 1800’s small one room school houses were placed throughout the nine sub districts of the township. This provided easy walking distance for the attending children.


By 1883 a “school for higher grades” was deemed necessary by the Board of Education. The first high school in Centerville originally included horse stables to accommodate the students who rode to school. This brick high school is still in existence located at 101 East Franklin Street.


From an enrollment of less than 500 students at the end of World War II, the school system grew rapidly. By 1955 there were over 1,100 and by 1965 a total of 4,956. In 1973 the central unit was built and by 1975 the east and west wings were added. The south unit, football stadium and practice fields were built in 1978.

Tradition of Excellence

Centerville schools have grown from a small rural community to an enrollment of over 8000 students. Centerville High School continues to strive for excellence in academics, music, fine arts, and athletic competition. Elk Pride has guided many of the achievements in the schools’ history and will continue to fuel the growth of the community into the future and beyond.

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